Rooftop Scaffold Access Towers for Window Replacements

Project Details Our Role Rooftop Scaffold Access Towers for Window Replacements Location Toronto, ON Delivery Date June 2024 Project Summary Our Toronto team successfully completed a scaffold access project designed to support the window replacement project the Centre for Adult Learning School in Toronto, ON.  The restoration project involved six bay windows situated at the […]

swing stage installed with orange debris mesh
Swing Stage Access for High-Rise

Project Details Our Role Swing Stage using Davit Beams Location White Rock, BC Delivery Date July 2023 Project Summary Our Vancouver swing stage team was recently a part of a unique project at the Soliel Building in White Rock, BC.Due to the unique characteristics and access demands of the building, a ground-based swing stage was […]

front of house wide shot of residential scaffold access systems build and surrounding large home with stair towers and debris chutes
Residential Scaffold for Roof Replacement

Project Details Our Role Residential Scaffold Access for Roof Replacement Location Toronto, ON Delivery Date July 2022 Project Summary Our Toronto team took great pride in providing safe and reliable access to this estate home located in Toronto, ON. This residential scaffold project involved a large-scale replacement and restoration of an old slate roof, over […]

indoor church scaffold access system for interior painting project
Church Interior Scaffold Access

Project Details Our Role Heritage Building Interior Scaffold Access Location Ottawa, ON Delivery Date July 2022 Project Summary Our Ottawa team was tasked with installing this church interior access scaffold for their interior revitalization project. Located at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church a registered heritage building, our team  worked hard to design a system that wouldn’t […]

Green roof scaffold access
Green Roof Scaffold & Monorail Access

Project Details Our Role Scaffold Access, Monorail, and Debris Chute Location Toronto, ON Delivery Date June 2022 Project Summary Located in downtown Toronto, this scaffold access system was installed to give access to the green roof on this commercial building which is undergoing restoration work. The debris chute helped keep this job site clean and […]

Commercial Swing Stage set up on a downtown Toronto highrise for a building Sign Installation
Commercial Swing Stage Sign Installation

Project Details Our Role Swing Stages Location Toronto, ON Delivery Date December 2021 Project Summary Located downtown Toronto, our swing stage team installed a total of 6 swing stages for this building in need of new signage, 3 stages on the west side and another 3 on the northside.At approximately 500ft above street level, winter […]

Heritage building scaffold access with debris mesh on building at Univeristy of Manitoba
University of Manitoba – Heritage Access Scaffold

Project Details Our Role Historical Building Scaffold Access Location Winnipeg, MB Delivery Date July 2021 Project Summary Originally completed in 1913, the University of Manitoba’s Administration Building was one of the first and most prominent buildings constructed on the campus.  As part of the 2021 to 2022 “Exterior Envelope Refurbishment & Exterior Lighting Design” project, […]

Industrial Tower stair tower scaffold access
Industrial Tower Access & Platforms

Project Details Our Role Tower Access & Platforms Location North Vancouver, BC Delivery Date February 2021 Project Summary Northstar was retained by Fibreco to assist in the access requirements for an upgrade and steel bracing addition project. The project involved two separate towers each surrounding the 18 new silos located on premise. Work at Tower […]

Industrial acces project with shrink wrap enclosure for containment and weather protection
Industrial Temporary Roof & Enclosure

Project Details Our Role Temporary Roof & Enclosure Location North Vancouver, BC Delivery Date March 2021 Project Summary Sometimes maintenance just can’t wait for nice weather, which is exactly why our client needed a temporary roof and shrink wrap enclosure to help get the job done. The Intermediate Caustic Tank at Chemtrade Electrochem was in […]

Swing stage set up for residential high rise building access
Residential Swing Stage Access & Overhead Protection

Project Details Our Role Swing Stage & Overhead Protection Location Toronto, ON Delivery Date 2020 Project Summary Northstar Access was retained to provide worker access to 100% of the building façade while maintaining full access to all egresses. This included the loading dock and main “round-about” entrance while also protecting the oversized glass canopy. To […]