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Commercial Swing Stage set up on a downtown Toronto highrise for a building Sign Installation
Project Details

  • Our Role
    Swing Stages
  • Location
    Toronto, ON
  • Delivery Date
    December 2021

Project Summary

Located downtown Toronto, our swing stage team installed a total of 6 swing stages for this building in need of new signage, 3 stages on the west side and another 3 on the northside.

At approximately 500ft above street level, winter weather elements and strong winds proved to be a safety challenge, but Northstar found a solution. Opting not to use the usual poly rope safety lines and instead designed the project with a 4 point suspension system with horizontal safety life lines installed on the stage platform. This meant that crew members could tie in directly to the swing stage platform.

Northstar was also tasked with finding a solution for removing the old logo and (2) 30’ wide steel cross members without adding the additional load on to the swing stage platforms. The solution was a custom designed, dual roof mounted winch system that safely and securely lowered the logo and steel members safely to the ground independently from the swing stage.

Learn more about Northstar’s swing stage products and services.

Overview of Building Under Construction during Winter
View of swing stages installed at top of high rise building
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