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Industrial acces project with shrink wrap enclosure for containment and weather protection
Project Details

  • Our Role
    Temporary Roof & Enclosure
  • Location
    North Vancouver, BC
  • Delivery Date
    March 2021

Project Summary

Sometimes maintenance just can’t wait for nice weather, which is exactly why our client needed a temporary roof and shrink wrap enclosure to help get the job done. The Intermediate Caustic Tank at Chemtrade Electrochem was in need of some important internal repairs. Northstar Access erected a 9000 square foot temporary roof and enclosure surrounding the tank. Our crews installed a custom engineered scaffold structure to surround the Caustic Tank and then enclosed the entire structure in shrink wrap. This allowed sandblasting to be done and safely contained within the hoarding. Heat was then added to the inside of the hoarding scaffold structure so that a new rubber lining could be installed as it requires a certain temperature to cure. Shrink wrap has become a major focus of our west coast branches and our teams have extensive experience with this product. When a construction site needs protection from rain or wet weather, temporary roof structures using shrink wrap can prevent loss of time and money by making sure your project isn’t delayed. Click here to see a few photos of Northstar’s other temporary roofing projects.
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Industrial Temporary Roof & Enclosure
Industrial Temporary Roof Tank Enclosure
job site photo of shrink wrap enclosure around an industrial tank
shrink wrap enclosure around an industrial tank
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