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Northstar Access Project Colonial Clock Tower
Your Build. Our Business.
What we do

We are a trusted and reliable provider of scaffolding, shoring, and other access solutions in Canada for over 50 years. We operate from five branches across Canada, in 3 provinces; Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia. 

Why work with us

  • We pride ourselves on building strong and lasting access solutions in construction and industrial markets for our clients. 
  • We value customer relationships by providing “small company” services. Our excellent and hardworking team will provide the best-in-class solutions for you. 
  • We attract the best talent in the industry because we have a reputation for ‘doing what’s right’, treating our employees with respect, and providing them with opportunities to grow.

Northstar Access is proudly owned by McCain Capital Partners mccaincapital.com, a family-owned, Canadian investment company.

Over the Years

Northstar Access Previous Brand Logos

Our name and logo have changed over the years as our business has expanded and grown across Canada, but our commitment to quality products and service hasn’t!
Read more about the History of Northstar Access below.

Russ Dilworth Scaffold. Sky-Hi Scaffolding. Northstar Scaffold.

Our History

We used to be previously known as Russ Dilworth Scaffold in Toronto, Northstar Scaffold in Manitoba, and Sky-Hi Scaffolding in British Columbia. Now we are known as Northstar Access across all locations. As we continue to grow, we continue to embrace the trust of our customers that came with our former brand names.

Northstar Access scaffold crew posing with company banner on top of scaffold build
Northstar Access

We are proud of our safety designations and accreditations from the following organizations.

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