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theatre stage built with scaffolding
Unique Scaffolding: Building a Theatre Stage

How do you build a theatre stage with scaffold? It’s not as simple as putting up some boards and calling it a day. You need a scaffold system that can support the weight of actors, musicians, and props. This past spring, in preparation for the highly anticipated upcoming production of Harry Potter and the Cursed […]

Northstar is COR Certified
Northstar Access is now COR Certified Across Canada!

Northstar Access is excited to announce it is now COR Certified in Ontario! With this certification Northstar is now COR certified Canada wide. This accomplishment could not been achieved without the great effort and commitment to Health & Safety from all Northstar employees in Ontario and throughout Canada. The Certificate of Recognition (COR™) program is […]

scaffold enclosures and wind safety
Scaffold Enclosures & Wind Safety

Scaffold enclosures are used in a variety of situations and as the cold winter weather arrives here in Canada, more and more enclosures are being erected. Enclosing a scaffold structure offers protection from rain, snow and windchills for personnel, gear, and can prevent weather delays. But there are serious safety issues that need to be […]

The Importance of Professional Hoist Inspections

Professional swing stage hoist inspections are an important part of the construction industry. Safety is always a priority, but it’s even more so when working at heights. The work environment can be dangerous enough without adding any unnecessary risks by not having your equipment inspected regularly. This blog post will explore why professional hoist inspections […]

construction worker drinking water
Tips for Summer Crew Safety

Heat-related illnesses are cause for concern and summer crew safety is an important topic. With summer now in full force, it’s time for a refresher on the best ways to beat the heat at work. Keep in mind that severe heat-related illnesses like heat exhaustion can occur for several days after dehydration from exposure to […]

Vancouver Scaffold Crew for Northstar Access
Northstar’s Employee Support Covid-19

Northstar’s Employee Support Covid-19 Most recently, Northstar offers a paid day off to its employees get vaccinated for Covid-19, rest, and recover. Northstar Access is one of the largest providers of scaffolding and other access solutions in Canada. Like many other organizations within the construction industry, we too faced many challenges due to COVID-19 Pandemic. We offered […]

Temperature-Check-on-Job-Site Construction Industry
Covid-19 Impacts on Construction Industry

Covid-19 Impacts on Construction Industry Since the COVID-19 pandemic arose, the construction industry took a deep impact. Creating a shock wave that reverberated across seemingly all actions in construction life. This shock wave called COVID-19 impacts the construction industry, like never before. How we shop, how we work, and how we create have all felt […]

temporary roofs vancouver
What Are Temporary Roofs Options for Rainy Weather

What Are Temporary Roofs Options for Rainy Weather? Temporary roofing options are a great solution for construction in wet and rainy weather seasons. A temporary roof is a weather protection cover that can be used over a roof, an entire building, or even just a specified area of a current project. Living and working in […]

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