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Diversity & Inclusion Committee at Northstar Access Wins an Award

A Big Congratulations to Our Team! We’re honoured to accept the UBC Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Award, recognizing our commitment to fostering an inclusive, diverse, and respectful work environment for our apprentices. Our participation in the Apprenticeship Service Program is a testament to our dedication, and we thank all involved for their work and contribution […]

women in construction ans scaffolding
Northstar Believes in Women in Construction

Northstar Access believes in supporting women in construction, and especially in the scaffolding industry.  We are lucky to have quite a few very talent women on our teams across Canada. Women are no strangers to the construction and building industries, yet it’s not often you hear about women who work in scaffolding. However, more and […]

image of green scaffold inspection tag
Scaffold Inspections: The Vital Safety Measure

A scaffold inspection is a careful examination of any scaffold being erected or that has been erected to ensure that it is safe to work on for both the safety of construction workers and passers-by.  Keeping workers and bystanders safe on construction sites is paramount. That’s why an essential part of any scaffolding set-up procedure […]

scaffold safety day - team gathered for safety demonstration
Winnipeg’s Annual Scaffold Safety Day

Northstar puts safety first! Our Winnipeg team recently held their Annual Scaffold Safety Day, a day in which the branch shuts down all yard and job site tasks to participate in extra safety training demonstrations and workshops – all for 8 hours of extra pay. This year we gathered a team of 24 participants and […]

front of house wide shot of residential scaffold access systems build and surrounding large home with stair towers and debris chutes
Featured Build: Slate Roof Scaffold Access

Our Toronto team took great pride in providing safe and reliable access to this multi-million dollar estate home located in Toronto, ON. This residential scaffold project involved a large-scale replacement and restoration of an old slate roof, over 8,000 square feet, in fact! Given the large project scope and tedious roof waterproofing process, the project […]

theatre stage built with scaffolding
Unique Scaffolding: Building a Theatre Stage

How do you build a theatre stage with scaffold? It’s not as simple as putting up some boards and calling it a day. You need a scaffold system that can support the weight of actors, musicians, and props. This past spring, in preparation for the highly anticipated upcoming production of Harry Potter and the Cursed […]

Northstar is COR Certified
Northstar Access is now COR Certified Across Canada!

Northstar Access is excited to announce it is now COR Certified in Ontario! With this certification Northstar is now COR certified Canada wide. This accomplishment could not been achieved without the great effort and commitment to Health & Safety from all Northstar employees in Ontario and throughout Canada. The Certificate of Recognition (COR™) program is […]

scaffold enclosures and wind safety
Scaffold Enclosures & Wind Safety

Scaffold enclosures are used in a variety of situations and as the cold winter weather arrives here in Canada, more and more enclosures are being erected. Enclosing a scaffold structure offers protection from rain, snow and windchills for personnel, gear, and can prevent weather delays. But there are serious safety issues that need to be […]

Northstar Access swing stage mechanic working on motor
The Importance of Professional Hoist Inspections

Professional swing stage hoist inspections are an important part of the construction industry. Safety is always a priority, but it’s even more so when working at heights. The work environment can be dangerous enough without adding any unnecessary risks by not having your equipment inspected regularly. This blog post will explore why professional hoist inspections […]

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