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Industrial Tower stair tower scaffold access
Project Details

  • Our Role
    Tower Access & Platforms
  • Location
    North Vancouver, BC
  • Delivery Date
    February 2021

Project Summary

Northstar was retained by Fibreco to assist in the access requirements for an upgrade and steel bracing addition project. The project involved two separate towers each surrounding the 18 new silos located on premise. Work at Tower 1 involved additional bracing along with the addition of permanent stairs. The system scaffolding structures installed on both sides of the tower extended 150 feet and required professional engineering. A total of 11 additional supporting towers, each 120feet tall and with 4 levels for additional steel bracing. These platforms were built off the existing steel, so tube and clamp was used. Access to these platforms was via manlift. All these platforms were engineered as they were suspended off the steel instead of being built from the ground. 

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Industrial Tower stair tower scaffold access
Industrial Tower access via scaffolding stair tower structure
Industrial Tower access via scaffolding stair towers and access platforms
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