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front of house wide shot of residential scaffold access systems build and surrounding large home with stair towers and debris chutes

Our Toronto team took great pride in providing safe and reliable access to this multi-million dollar estate home located in Toronto, ON. This residential scaffold project involved a large-scale replacement and restoration of an old slate roof, over 8,000 square feet, in fact!

Given the large project scope and tedious roof waterproofing process, the project was completed in multiple stages. To tackle such a large residential scaffold project, our teams designed and installed a scaffold access system using multiple stair towers and three debris chutes. It was designed as to act as one continuous working level around the perimeter of the building for easier material handling and debris removal.

Unique Scaffold Design Challenge

One unique design challenge our engineering had to solve for was the excess weight of the slate roof material. Our design had to account for this excess material load. The difficulty of working with such a heavy roofing product and in such large quantities was another reason we designed the scaffold access and working platform to be a continuous and uninterrupted level.

Keeping it Clean

Providing safe scaffold access for an inhabited residential home is very different than on construction sites. Our teams worked hard to ensure the beautifully landscaped grounds were kept undisturbed, clean and safe for any residents still on site by incorporating a fully enclosed platform level using plywood.

All in all, it was a very successful residential scaffold project for our team. We’re always happy to see a job well done, but we’re even more pleased when our clients are just as thrilled with the results.

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Visit our YouTube channel to see more drone and video footage of this residential scaffold access build!

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