StrapRail Edge Protection: Everything You Need to Know

  StrapRailEdge Protection – Everything You Need to Know. When it comes to construction, safety is always the top priority. Ensuring that workers are protected from potential falls and accidents is not just a regulatory requirement but a moral imperative. One of the most popular and effective methods to enhance safety on construction sites is […]

groupd photo of Northstar Acces and Access Rigging Services team members
Northstar Access Expands Reach with Acquisition of Access Rigging Services Inc

   Northstar Access is thrilled to announce our latest milestone: the acquisition of Access Rigging Services Inc, effective April 5th, 2024! This strategic move sees two industry powerhouses joining forces to enhance our service offerings and continue our growth towards becoming the leading scaffolding and access solutions provider in Canada. Access Rigging, renowned for its […]

project efficiency
The Impact of Scaffolding Design on Project Efficiency

   The Impact of Scaffolding Design on Project Efficiency In the world of construction, where precision and speed are paramount, the impact of scaffolding design on project efficiency cannot be overstated. From skyscrapers to intricate renovations, Northstar Access can supply and install the right scaffolding system which can significantly streamline operations, ensuring a seamless workflow […]

Diversity & Inclusion Committee at Northstar Access Wins an Award

A Big Congratulations to Our Team! We’re honoured to accept the UBC Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Award, recognizing our commitment to fostering an inclusive, diverse, and respectful work environment for our apprentices. Our participation in the Apprenticeship Service Program is a testament to our dedication, and we thank all involved for their work and contribution […]

scaffold safety day - team gathered for safety demonstration
Winnipeg’s Annual Scaffold Safety Day

Northstar puts safety first! Our Winnipeg team recently held their Annual Scaffold Safety Day, a day in which the branch shuts down all yard and job site tasks to participate in extra safety training demonstrations and workshops – all for 8 hours of extra pay. This year we gathered a team of 24 participants and […]

front of house wide shot of residential scaffold access systems build and surrounding large home with stair towers and debris chutes
Featured Build: Slate Roof Scaffold Access

Our Toronto team took great pride in providing safe and reliable access to this multi-million dollar estate home located in Toronto, ON. This residential scaffold project involved a large-scale replacement and restoration of an old slate roof, over 8,000 square feet, in fact! Given the large project scope and tedious roof waterproofing process, the project […]

theatre stage built with scaffolding
Unique Scaffolding: Building a Theatre Stage

How do you build a theatre stage with scaffold? It’s not as simple as putting up some boards and calling it a day. You need a scaffold system that can support the weight of actors, musicians, and props. This past spring, in preparation for the highly anticipated upcoming production of Harry Potter and the Cursed […]

scaffold enclosures and wind safety
Scaffold Enclosures & Wind Safety

Scaffold enclosures are used in a variety of situations and as the cold winter weather arrives here in Canada, more and more enclosures are being erected. Enclosing a scaffold structure offers protection from rain, snow and windchills for personnel, gear, and can prevent weather delays. But there are serious safety issues that need to be […]

Temporary Roof scaffold build with shrink wrap in Vancouver
What Are Temporary Roofs Options for Rainy Weather

What Are Temporary Roofs Options for Rainy Weather? Temporary roofing options are a great solution for construction in wet and rainy weather seasons. A temporary roof is a weather protection cover that can be used over a roof, an entire building, or even just a specified area of a current project. Living and working in […]