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Swing Stage & Material Hoists

A swing stage is a work platform that is suspended by 1 or more wire rope cables attached to temporary or permanent structural supports. They are used to access façades from 20’ to over 1000’ tall where traditional scaffolding would not be a practical solution. There is an extensive and growing list of applications for swing stages, including window caulking, tuckpointing, balcony repair, window replacement, sign installation and installing full building envelopes.


Northstar Access has teamed up with TRACTEL, a global leader in the access industry. We now offer the latest innovations in temporary rigging equipment and modular platform solutions. Our swing stage hoist rental inventory currently consists of TRACTEL’s Tirak “XE-501” and “XE-701” hoists. Both the “XE-501” and “XE-701” are considered to be workhorses and staples in the access industry.

We also offer POWER CLIMBER’s “PC-3” hoist, a very popular, reliable, and user-friendly hoist that can be utilized in any application. On top of our pre-rental inspection, our platform components are inspected annually and assigned a unique identifying number so we can record all annual inspections to provide records to our customers on site.

When purchasing our safety lines, our canvas edge protectors offer an improved level of safety over standard practices of protection. All our tiebacks and support cables are assembled in-house and pull tested to twice the rated working load. A pull test report is generated to provide verification to our customers that their safety is our priority.

Material Hoists

Whether it is utilised with a swing stage platform or installed independently, our BETA MAX “Leo” material hoists will always be the most efficient worker on your team. Our BETA MAX Leo V.F.D. material hoists can lift a max weight of 1000lbs up to 440’ in the air and 2000 lbs up to 220’ in the air. The Leo’s wired variable speed controllers allows for soft starts and stops as well as fine adjustments to your load to always ensure proper alignment. The Leo can be mounted on a simple cantilevered outrigger beam or installed on an endless monorail system for full façade coverage.

If it’s an efficient way to relocate scaffolding that your looking for, our BETA MAX “Maxial” hoist is the answer. With a 450lbs capacity and a speed of 80 fpm the “Maxial” hoist is the most efficient way to erect and dismantle scaffolding.

Featured Project
Residential Swing Stage Access & Overhead Protection

Northstar Access provided worker access to 100% of the building façade while maintaining full access to all egresses.

Swing stage set up for residential high rise building access
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