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Church in Winnipeg Scaffold Rental Structure Built by Our Crews
Project Details

  • Our Role
    Heritage Church Restoration Access
  • Location
    Winnipeg, MB
  • Delivery Date

Project Summary

Northstar Scaffold (Ontario) Inc. was tasked with installing access scaffolding to repair a 20′ diameter “rose window” on the front elevation of the 110-year-old Westminster Church for a first-time client, Yarrow Window and Door. Access platforms were installed above at 28′ and 35′ elevations with scaffold towers erected from the ground on either side of the entrance vestibule. Westminster Church, having “Heritage Status”, did not allow typical “intrusive” scaffold ties to the exterior limestone. As such, NorthStar Scaffold’s designers used the unique properties of the existing limestone exterior to “wedge” the scaffolding between the exterior rough stone surfaces using adjustable compression ties.
Church Scaffold Structure in Winnipeg
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