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Drydock Temporary Roof & Enclosure
Project Details

  • Our Role
    Drydock Temporary Roof & Enclosure
  • Location
    Vancouver, BC
  • Delivery Date

Project Summary

The Burnaby team was proud to complete the installation of one of the company’s largest jobs. The project was for a long term Drydock client who services large marine vessels throughout the year at their facility in North Vancouver, BC. It is the largest Drydock in the Vancouver area. This project was to supply shrink wrap with two separate scaffolds for hoarding, access for painting, storage, and  mechanical work. There were two main hoardings to build the larger one was 507,000 Cu. ft. with 36,000 sq ft of shrink wrap and the smaller one was 116,000 Cu. ft. with 12,000 sq ft of shrink wrap. The project called for extensive man-hours with two shifts working 24/7 from late August late until late September.

Drydock Temporary Roof & Enclosure
Drydock Temporary Roof & Enclosure
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