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Northstar Access swing stage mechanic working on motor

Professional swing stage hoist inspections are an important part of the construction industry. Safety is always a priority, but it’s even more so when working at heights. The work environment can be dangerous enough without adding any unnecessary risks by not having your equipment inspected regularly. This blog post will explore why professional hoist inspections are necessary and how they can help you do your job better.

Professional hoist inspections are an integral part of any construction project. The safety of the workers on site is paramount, and this includes ensuring that all equipment is operating at peak efficiency. Hoists can be complex machines with many moving parts, which means they require regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns or malfunctions that could cause injury or death. Our team of experienced professionals will take a wide range of factors into consideration when inspecting your hoist, assess its condition and provide recommendations for repairs

Professional Hoist Inspections:

Frequent inspection of swing stage equipment before and after use is an important part of job site safety. For a more in-depth inspection qualified and experienced technicians should be performing inspections on your equipment annually at a minimum.

Northstar recognizes that hoist inspections can take away valuable resources from your daily operations including manpower, time and money. Many companies find it beneficial to hire trained, experienced professional technicians to perform annual hoist inspections to help reduce downtime, ensure competency of the inspection, and increase on site efficiency for the workers. Our team of qualified technicians are manufacturer trained with many years experience working on a wide variety of swing stage hoists. Detail oriented, safety focused and efficient is how our team runs.

What is Included in an Annual hoist Inspection?

At Northstar Access, all swing stage hoist inspections include thorough,

  • Parts Inspection
  • Parts Cleaning
  • Load Testing to Working Load Capacity
  • Safety Feature Testing at Load Capacity
    • Including: emergency decent, the emergency stop button, and testing the secondary brake system (Bloc Stop)
  • Exterior Refurbishment
  • Inspection Report

It is important to remember that hoist maintenance is critical to your operations, the longevity of your equipment and the safety of your staff and facility.

Click here to find a location nearest you and book your swing stage hoist inspection.

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