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scaffold winter enclosure
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Scaffold Enclosures

For Safety, Privacy, and Weather Protection

Scaffold Enclosures  come in a wide variety; from debris mesh, scaffold netting, to shrink wrap, and monarflex, Northstar has your enclosure needs covered. (pun intended!) Scaffold enclosures provide scaffold users and weather-sensitive structures or equipment protection from the elements by surrounding the perimeter of the scaffold with either a woven netting or impermeable membrane.

At Northstar Access, we offer a variety of enclosure and netting options ranging from single- layer poly tarping to fully enclosed composite panels.

Extend your construction season with a winter enclosure. Construction work in Canada often requires a weather-protected covered area and our winter enclosure options can help keep project safe and on time. No more water damaged materials or days off for bad weather means faster project completion with safer job sites!

Northstar has decades of experience in building temporary roofs and enclosures in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. You can check out some of our winter enclosure projects here.

"Our winter enclosure systems allow construction sites to continue on time and on budget. With proper tarping and heating systems, crews can continue to work through seasonal climates."

Customizable Scaffold Enclosure Options


Wind-piercing debris netting allows airflow and improves job site safety by containing debris and construction materials.  Debris Mesh enclosures are commonly used for scaffolding enclosures, guardrail debris protection, wind screen or as shade cloths. The knitted mesh design provides containment of small and chunk debris and is highly tear resistant. Our debris netting rolls have finished hemmed edges with reinforced eyelet button holes for easy, safe and secure fastening and installation. 

Debris Mesh Advantages:

  • Protects dust, debris & tools from falling
  • Protect workers, pedestrians & adjacent properties
  • Creates a protective scaffolding enclosure
  • Creates a wind block or shade cloth
  • Provides a visual barrier for added privacy
  • Remains flexible in all-weather climates
Scaffold debris mesh Enclosures


Monar Flex is a custom engineered material is used to cover scaffolds which serves as a climate shield to protect workers and machinery against rain, wind, and snow, however it is not guaranteed to be waterproof. Enclosing your scaffold with Monarflex protects the surrounding environment from any construction debris, such as particles or dust. Monarflex is designed with a breakaway feature that reinforces wind safety and can help protect the integrity of your building. Additionally, with 90% light transparency, this material provides your site the protection needed without blocking daylight from your enclosed space. With the ability to reposition this material our masonry and stucco clients find this enclosure option to very helpful.

Monarflex System Advantages:

  • Design with breakaway safety feature for high wind weather
  • Use of a patented eyelet system ensures the sheeting is fixed and secure
  • Allows natural light to penetrate
scaffold winter enclosure


Shrink Wrap is an environmentally friendly product perfect for keeping out sun, rain, snow, and moderate winds. This high strength polyethylene film conforms perfectly around scaffolding, shrinking to a third of its original size. Fireproof, strong, and affordable, Shrink Wrap prevents harmful particles from entering the environment, minimizes leaks, and ensures a tidy and organized job site. We find that our clients out West commonly use Shrink Wrap for quick and effective temporary roofing solutions.

A shrink wrap enclosure used with a heat source can keep your worksite at an ideal temperature for what task is at hand – a great way to avoid project delays due to weather and cold temperatures. 

Shrink Wrap Enclosure Advantages:

  • Highly versatile material for structure contour conforms
  • Allows natural light to penetrate
  • Quick installation


The engineered Sail System is one of the simplest and more durable complete enclosure systems for weather protection and environmental containment. The innovative and patented design offers efficient, cost effective complete enclosure solutions for your construction builds. The Sail System is adaptable to a wide variety of project specific needs. We find that our clients out West commonly use Shrink Wrap for quick and effective temporary roofing solutions.

The Sail System is a proprietary system uses aluminum track profiles which can be clamped directly to scaffold, making install and dismantle efficient.  Sail System panels are made to easily slide into the aluminum tracks’ “c” channels.  This fabric/track interface is the foundation of the Sail System’s strength, durability, efficiency, and reusability.  

Sail System Enclosure Advantages:

  • Provides strong seal suitable for heat control and excellent emissions control
  • Extremely durable, suitable for high winds
  • Track system offers quick installation
  • The Sail Panels offer easy access to site
  • Offers a range of fire rated fabric options including; polyethylene, mesh, vinyl, and graphics.


construction enclosure - the SAIL system

Have a Project That Needs an Enclosure?

Maybe all you need is a Temporary Roof?

Protect your build project and crew from bad weather elements. Our temporary roof options can add months to your construction season and give you confidence in your project schedule.

temporary roof enclosure
Featured Project
Winter Enclosure Project

This enclosure project was designed and built by our Toronto team for long term client. The design challenge was to keep the scaffold enclosed not allowing any water inside but also not letting any heat to escape the scaffold.

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